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Benedict's Supply

Benedict [ben-i-dikt]A given name with Latin origins, meaning "blessed" or "wished well of"


Benediction [ben-i-dik-shun]:  "a blessing",  "something that promotes goodness or well-being", or "an expression of good wishes."


Eggs Benedict [egz ben-i-dikt]: A delicious and comforting American egg breakfast popularized in New York City. 



Our logo depicts an age old symbol of peace and balance: a turtle dove carrying a branch, signaling the dawn of a glorious new day

Benedict's Supply is founded on the mission to improve adult wellbeing through the mindful use of cannabis.  We imagine a world with no stigma, where everyday people have easy access to a variety of  quality cannabis products. We love to geek out over product labels - knowledge is power!


We're women owned from Northern, NJ and working hard to open our doors soon. 

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